Nihon Tai Jitsu is a martial art that belongs to the Jujutsu (soft way) family. This creation of Roland Hernaez is mainly based on Minoru Mochizuki's jujutsu with added techniques from the Shorinji Kempo syllabus. It is taught in Hong Kong by Xavier Duval, official representative of the Nihon Tai Jitsu World Federation (FMNITAI) for China

Celebration at the Judo Dojo

The SCAA Judo section will have a celebration party on July 19 at 6pm in the dojo. It is a great opportunity for us to mingle with them, so please come over if you have a chance. Entrance is HKD50 and there will be food and drinks

The party is to celebrate the Grandmaster Choi's Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr Au Chi Heng's becoming SCAA's head Judo coach and Miss Kwok Kit Fong's selection to compete in the Asian Games in September

Self Defence Manual

Yesterday was the first Self Defense seminar hosted by Nihon Tai Jitsu in Hong Kong. If self defense is not our primary goal and focus, it still remains essential to put things back in context from time to time and to remember there is a difference between the way we train in the dojo and what actually happens when one gets attacked in the street. Self defense has many facets, that go far beyond the defense techniques.

To go further on this topic, I would highly recommend to read the Self Defence Manual by Martin Dougherty and David Birdsall. This book has great content and insights on what happens in a street situation, how to avoid troubles and respond to them when needed.

Just for the sake of clarity, if the authors's background include Nihon Tai Jitsu, it is not Nihon Tai Jitsu as we learn it under Roland Hernaez sensei, but a generic term they are using. Of course, this does not change anything to the value of the book.