Nihon Tai Jitsu is a martial art that belongs to the Jujutsu (soft way) family. This creation of Roland Hernaez is mainly based on Minoru Mochizuki's jujutsu with added techniques from the Shorinji Kempo syllabus. It is taught in Hong Kong by Xavier Duval, official representative of the Nihon Tai Jitsu World Federation (FMNITAI) for China

24th Budosai of the All Japan Budo Federation in Kyoto

As every year in September, the annual Budosai of the Nippon Seibukan Academy/All Japan Budo Federation was held at the Butokuden. Nihon Tai Jitsu HK was present this year again for a demonstration.

A bit less than 30 teams gathered for this edition with various countries represented including Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Romania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The team leaders 

Summary of the day

Nihon Tai Jitsu demonstration

2nd kyu exam

Hugh started martial arts in Nihon Tai Jitsu HK three years ago, and always trained very seriously. He recently brilliantly obtained his 2nd kyu (blue belt). Congratulations to him!